Magnificent Retaining Walls, Synthetic Grass and Hardscape Patios

Scope: Custom installation of a retaining wall, extending the patio, constructing stairs, sod installation

Location: Midlothian, VA



CleanStone recently completed a remarkable backyard renovation project in response to the customer’s request for a complete transformation of their steep, unusable backyard. The project addressed several key issues and provided stunning results.

Customer’s Requirements:
The customers approached CleanStone with the need to make their steep, hillside backyard more functional for their children while also updating their existing exposed aggregate patios to a premium paver patio with added space.

CleanStone’s Approach:
CleanStone’s team began by offering in-house design services to create a comprehensive plan that would bring the customer’s vision to life. This involved the development of detailed 3D renderings and construction plans.

Project Components:
The completed project featured several crucial components, including:

1. Two-tiered engineered retaining walls using Cambridge 6” Omega Smooth in the Onyx/Natural color scheme, complemented by a Cambridge Crusader 12” x 24” wall cap in the rich color contrast of Coal.
2. Techo Bloc Blu 60 Smooth pavers for patio areas and stair landing, with a color scheme of Greyed Nickel with an Onyx border that chased the entire perimeters.
3. Cambridge Belgium curbstones to enclose an expansive 2100 sf of an 80 oz Synthetic turf area in a vibrant Olive color.
4. Techo Bloc Rocka stairs in a Riviera color scheme winding from the top patio down to the turf play area.
5. Low-voltage under-cap lighting to illuminate the beauty of the retaining walls.
6. Installation of woven geo-textile rip-rap creek erosion control measures.

Notable Challenges:
The project presented some significant challenges, such as:
1. Addressing a 7′ elevation change in the backyard, which required the construction of multiple tiers of retaining walls to create a level and safe environment.
2. Designing a set of steps that did not necessitate the installation of a railing, ensuring safety and aesthetics.
3. Overlaying concrete under the patio to provide a sturdy foundation, and extending the patio area to create a larger space for outdoor activities.

The Results:
The completed project not only resolved the steepness issue but also enhanced the backyard’s aesthetic appeal. The combination of premium pavers, retaining walls, and lush synthetic turf created a beautiful, functional, and safe outdoor space for the customer and their children to enjoy.

Derek | Richmond

“We are beyond thrilled with the construction of our stunning new stone wall and pathway. It has TRANSFORMED our front yard and how we use it. We keep pinching ourselves when we look out and see our new front yard — it’s magical.”

Scott| Richmond

“Wes, Zack and the rest of the team were easy to work with and communicated throughout the whole process. The new patio, steps, and fireplace look great. I would highly recomend them.”

Joseph | Midlothian

“Wes was great to work with and Eve actually was the one to design our driveway, walkway and patio. She did a marvelous job. I would highly recommend anyone looking to install pavers to check with Cleanstone. You will be very happy with the quality of work!”


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