Who We Are

We value and support our team, so our team can value and support our customers.

Who We Are

We value and support our team so our team can value and support our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the best quality of life for our team, the CleanStone Crew, by creating incredible outdoor entertainment spaces for our clients. Our spaces bring people together and help them discover the beauty in their backyard.

We achieve our mission through discipline and adherence to the CleanStone Way. The CleanStone Way is built on the foundation of the four CleanStone Value Pillars.

What We Do

Our experienced contractors use artful engineering to craft decorative installations that are fully functional and look amazing. All of our projects are customizable and approached with a creativity and passion that inspires beautiful outcomes.

Using a variety of construction materials and designs, Cleanstone can build stunning patios, decks, walkways and more for your home. You can entertain guests and enjoy quality time with your family with a construction that fits your specific desires.

We take your dream backyard and bring it to life.

The Owners

Wes Suitt

Wes Suitt


Wes, the Owner and President of Cleanstone Construction, brings over two decades of invaluable expertise in residential construction and project management to the company he and Zach founded in 2020. With a distinguished background in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia, Wes possesses a unique blend of technical acumen and hands-on construction knowledge.

When he’s not overseeing projects, Wes cherishes spending quality time with his adoring wife and children, finding solace and inspiration in their close-knit family moments. His passion for creating exceptional outdoor living spaces is evident in the meticulous attention to detail and innovative solutions that define Cleanstone’s projects under his visionary leadership.

Zach Ruble

Zach Ruble

Owner/Production Manager

Zach, the Owner and Production Manager at Cleanstone Construction, boasts extensive expertise in the property and construction sector, accumulated over many years in the field. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Fairmont State University, Zach combines technical prowess with practical industry knowledge. Beyond the job site, he finds fulfillment in exploring innovative approaches to property development and construction management. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to quality craftsmanship, Zach plays a pivotal role in ensuring Cleanstone Construction delivers top-tier projects to its clients.

Key Staff

Peter Desing

Peter Desing

Carpentry Division VP

Peter, a seasoned expert in residential renovations, brings eight years of invaluable experience to Cleanstone Construction. He finds immense satisfaction in being part of the company due to its team-oriented approach to every project. Cleanstone’s dedication to offering innovative solutions results in impeccable craftsmanship and stunning final results. During his leisure hours, Peter indulges in various recreational pursuits such as pickleball, golf, pool, and softball, relishing moments shared with his fiancé Sierra and their cherished canine companion, October.

Ed Cole

Ed Cole

Project Manager | Carpentry Division

Zach has many years of experience working in the property and construction industry where he developed a vast knowledge of building materials and construction methods. Zach has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Fairmont State University. After college, Zach worked for several industries specializing in manufacturing and distribution. He moved to Richmond three years ago and has taken his knack for manufacturing and attention to detail into the hardscape and construction field. Zach is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time with family.

Caleb Grandy-LaRose

Caleb Grandy-LaRose

Project Manager | Hardscape Division

Caleb serves as the Construction Project Coordinator at Cleanstone Construction, where his unwavering passion lies in the creation of stunning and customizable outdoor living spaces. Cleanstone Construction is dedicated to exceeding clients’ expectations, and Caleb’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that each project, from concept to completion, is executed with precision.

Beyond his professional role, Caleb actively engages in his church community, finding fulfillment in giving back and making a positive impact. He also treasures moments of quality family time, which serve as a wellspring of inspiration and motivation to craft outdoor spaces that enrich the lives of those they serve.

At Cleanstone Construction, the belief is that outdoor spaces should seamlessly blend functionality and beauty, and Caleb takes great pride in his pivotal role in bringing this vision to fruition for clients.

Reynold Gomez, Yno

Reynold Gomez, Yno

Administrative Assistant II

Yno, serving as an Admin Assistant II for Cleanstone in the Philippines, takes charge of the company’s social media presence. With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management, he brings a wealth of marketing expertise to his role. Prior to joining Cleanstone, Yno held the position of Marketing Manager for seven years at the largest mall chain in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Beyond his professional responsibilities, Yno channels his creativity into the world of music, lending his voice to engagements and providing captivating voiceovers for events, showcasing his multifaceted talents outside of the office.  

Vaughn Paulino

Vaughn Paulino

Landscape Designer

Vaughn Paulino, a skilled landscape designer at Cleanstone, thrives on collaborative efforts with team members to craft visual representations for each project. His proficiency extends to creating intricate technical drawings, plans, and immersive 3D renderings, providing clients with a vivid preview of the finished landscape. Armed with a degree in architecture, Vaughn’s expertise seamlessly integrates creativity with precision. During his leisure hours, he immerses himself in drawing, further honing his artistic talents and delving into the realms of art and design theory, demonstrating a deep passion that extends beyond his professional endeavors.
Jon Picard

Jon Picard

Hardscape Foreman

Jon, a seasoned Hardscape Foreman, brings 18 years of invaluable construction experience to his role. Hailing from Virginia, Jon’s extensive expertise is a cornerstone of his leadership on the construction site. When he’s not overseeing projects, Jon cherishes every moment spent with his beloved family and children during his cherished free time, creating lasting memories together.

Eileen Daniel

Eileen Daniel

Administrative Assistant

Eileen brings invaluable support and expertise to Cleanstone Construction in her role as Administrative Assistant. With a meticulous focus on ensuring the smooth operation of the business side, Eileen allows the production team to concentrate fully on crafting the beautiful and customizable outdoor spaces that define Cleanstone’s reputation. Her decade-long experience in customer service shines through as she serves as the first point of contact for all customers, seamlessly managing their needs and inquiries.

Beyond her dedication to her role, Eileen is a talented photographer and wears the hats of a loving wife and a devoted mother to four energetic boys. Her passion for capturing moments behind the lens mirrors her commitment to delivering excellence in her professional endeavors. In her free time, Eileen enjoys exploring the vibrant RVA (Richmond, Virginia) community and discovering new culinary delights at local restaurants, adding her own touch of creativity to every experience she undertakes.

CleanStone Value Pillars

Living with Integrity

Living with Integrity means consistently doing the right thing for the right reasons. It is the foundation to build relationships based on trust and honesty. These relationships provide us with fantastic customers and ensure we can  train and keep world-class talent.

Constant Personal Growth

At CleanStone we lift each other up through teaching with a mentorship mentality. Every Crew member can be a leader at any moment in the day. Leadership starts by embracing the fact that we are all accountable for the quality of our work and the well-being of our colleagues and clients. We take Extreme Ownership of our strengths and weaknesses and work towards mastering our craft.

Mastery of Craft

Mastery of Craft starts with a daily commitment to the Mastery-Mindset. Someone who is in the Mastery-Mindset understands how the small decisions can add up to big results. The core Mastery of Craft attributes are:

  • Reliability and Attentiveness
  • Knowledge and Focus
  • Quality and Effort
  • Camaraderie and Loyalty
  • Teaching and Safety
  • Pace and Repetition
  • Communication and Documentation


Absolute Accountability

The successful execution of the CleanStone Way is dependent on Absolute Accountability to the company and each other. It does not matter what your position or title is at CleanStone, we are all responsible for our individual and collective success.

Why Choose Cleanstone

Cleanstone is a family company looking to help other families. We take the time to get to know your needs and desires to give you a personable experience.

Our customers’ happiness is our priority, which is why we are transparent throughout the entire construction process. You are involved in every decision with the design, layout, placement and construction. Constant and clear communication is kept so you are up-to-date on everything from creation to completion.

Every concrete, hardscape and carpentry installation is customizable with hundreds of options to make it yours. Your dream design can easily become a reality.

You can trust our knowledgeable staff to construct your new hardscape installation with precision and expertise. We pay attention to the smallest of details, follow industry standards and provide reliable customer services.

We are committed to helping your home’s outdoor living space reach its full potential.

Isaac | Richmond

“Great quality work and customer service. Our new patio looks professional and is an impressive addition to the house. The communication and updates were consistent throughout the process”

Christine | Richmond

“Wes and crew were so professional and communicated very well. Wonderful service and we would highly recommend! Thank you so much!!!”

Savannah | Midlothian

“Wes and crew were so professional and communicated very well. Wonderful service and we would highly recommend! Thank you so much!!!”

Work with a Fun, Reliable Construction Team

Cleanstone’s crew of professional designers, builders and installers bring knowledge, experience and accountability to the table, making us a contractor you can count on. With our services, your family’s personal paradise is not just an idea – it’s a priority.

Schedule a consultation today and see how we can help you finish your backyard with the space you’ve always wanted.

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